Monday, February 8, 2016

Soo sdey chnam chnai!

I've missed seeing others' needlework, so I'm getting back into blogging- an excellent excuse to browse the internet! I hope the new year brings you luck and fortune; I'm a monkey, so the year ahead is supposed to be difficult for me. Cheers!! :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Selection #165

Sunday Selections is a project that was started by Kim of Frogs Rock Pond and is being continued by River of Drifting through life. It's a simple but fun idea: on Sunday, simply post some pictures that are sitting, neglected, in your folders. You can choose a theme or not; it's entirely up to you. Link back to River, and, voila, you've done it!

This week's theme is currency! I started collecting coins after we moved to Saudi Arabia and started travelling to various countries. I still collect coins, but I'm also in to paper money now.

So it was my lucky day when I walked up to a little kiosk in Amman that sold money and only money. I believe we were there for at least two hours, and DH, bless him, never complained!

So here's a sprinkling of what I got:

South Sudan 2013

French Indochina 1936

Germany 1940

Afghanistan 1993

Iran 1974

Iran 1992 & 2005

The Axis of Evil: North Korea 1978, Iraq 1994, & Iran 1992

Libya 2004

Yemen 1984

Yugoslavia 1993

Austria 1920

North Korea 1998
North Korea 1998: Close up

Friday, March 21, 2014

Finishes for a Friday

I have some finishes to show off!

Be True is a pattern I stitched for Anna's competition on Stitch Bitch. I never managed to finish-finish it, though, so I didn't enter it in the competition.

I finished the March pattern for Song of the Weather. Why, yes, I am really far behind! I have started April, and I have to say that I am enjoying hardanger immensely- except Kloster blocks, which I'm a bit bored with (but they look great!).

You know how you put something in a special place so that you won't lose it and then you promptly lose it because you can't remember where you put it? DH & I did that with the screws for our cat carrier, which led to my discovery of some floss and my Arts & Crafts Needlecase from Textile Heritage.

I can't decide if I should make it into a needlecase, of which I have many, or a giant pin cushion, of which I have only one. Not rush to decide, though- I'm sure it will remain in my stitching suitcase with all of my other unfinished finishes for quite a while!

For Christmas, I stitched "Home" from the JCS Christmas Ornament 2013 issue.

I did change a few things. The dress is supposed to be red, but I changed it to black to be an abaya. I also changed the word "Home" at the top to "Riyadh" in Arabic. The word is a little close to her head, but I'm more or less pleased with how it turned out. Someday it will become an ornament.

And finally, a UFO/WIP that I started probably in 2008. Seriously. I'm proud to announce that while I was in Ethiopia, I managed to finish my cat biscornu! French knots and everything.

 It's a miracle!!

And it's in the unfinished finishes pile, right where it will stay!