Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Selections #162

Sunday Selections is a project that was started by Kim of Frogs Rock Pond and is being continued by River of Drifting through life. It's a simple but fun idea: on Sunday, simply post some pictures that are sitting, neglected, in your folders. You can choose a theme or not; it's entirely up to you. Link back to River, and, voila, you've done it!

This week's theme: exchanges! I've participated in quite a few and received some beautiful gifts, which I must show off to you.

Friendly Stitchers Winter 2013 Exchange from Denise

She also sent me some lovely Madeira silk floss and a cute keychain. Thank you so much, Denise!  My favorite part is the little footprints. So cute!

What I stitched for Denise

This was my first time doing Assisi stitching, and I'm quite pleased with the result. I dated it with the Hijra calendar since we are both currently in Saudi Arabia.

Chatty Stitching Exchangers Winter 2013 Exchange from Shelley

I just adore the finishing on this ornament! Plus Shelley knows that I like squirrels. I think I may have let out a little squeak when I opened it. :D

What I stitched for Viv

I think this one needed a lighter fabric, but I still like it.

Friendly Stitchers Secret Santa 2013 from mouse

You have no idea how thrilled I was to receive this! I love these patterns! The fact that they were a surprise made it that much better!

I sent charts to Kate, but there's no picture since I ordered them online.

Friendly Stitchers Valentine's Day 2013 Exchange from Judith

The little white specks in the pattern are actually tiny hearts. This is such a lovely ornament! And it's the first time I've received a Valentine's Day card in German. :)

What I stitched for Judith

Part of the exchange was to include tea, soap, or chocolate in the package. This is the tea that DH got me for our anniversary- it's delicious!

 Chatty Stitching Exchangers Spring 2013 Exchange from Marion

She stitched it with soluble canvas, and it looks great, so there's another thing I'll have to try!

 What I stitched for Shelley

...will be revealed once she receives it!

Five exchanges in three months? That's a record for me!

I've been so spoiled over the last few months- thank you, ladies, for brightening many days for me!

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