Friday, March 21, 2014

Finishes for a Friday

I have some finishes to show off!

Be True is a pattern I stitched for Anna's competition on Stitch Bitch. I never managed to finish-finish it, though, so I didn't enter it in the competition.

I finished the March pattern for Song of the Weather. Why, yes, I am really far behind! I have started April, and I have to say that I am enjoying hardanger immensely- except Kloster blocks, which I'm a bit bored with (but they look great!).

You know how you put something in a special place so that you won't lose it and then you promptly lose it because you can't remember where you put it? DH & I did that with the screws for our cat carrier, which led to my discovery of some floss and my Arts & Crafts Needlecase from Textile Heritage.

I can't decide if I should make it into a needlecase, of which I have many, or a giant pin cushion, of which I have only one. Not rush to decide, though- I'm sure it will remain in my stitching suitcase with all of my other unfinished finishes for quite a while!

For Christmas, I stitched "Home" from the JCS Christmas Ornament 2013 issue.

I did change a few things. The dress is supposed to be red, but I changed it to black to be an abaya. I also changed the word "Home" at the top to "Riyadh" in Arabic. The word is a little close to her head, but I'm more or less pleased with how it turned out. Someday it will become an ornament.

And finally, a UFO/WIP that I started probably in 2008. Seriously. I'm proud to announce that while I was in Ethiopia, I managed to finish my cat biscornu! French knots and everything.

 It's a miracle!!

And it's in the unfinished finishes pile, right where it will stay!


  1. ohhh well done on the find ... the finishing and I am with you on the finishing pile I have mine on hangers and they look at me every day saying aren't you going to do something with me love mouse xxxxx

  2. Lovely finishes. The cat biscornu is so cute!


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