Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Selections #160

Sunday Selections is a project that was started by Kim of Frogs Rock Pond and is being continued by River of Drifting through life. It's a simple but fun idea: on Sunday, simply post some pictures that are sitting, neglected, in your folders. You can choose a theme or not; it's entirely up to you. Link back to River, and, voila, you've done it!

Since this is my first SS, I've decided to go with the theme of family, specifically the creatures that I currently share my home & life with (yes, there will be pet pictures!).

DH & me, Easter 2013

Peece, the Cambodian wondercat
Emdi, the chatterbox Saudi kitten

Me & the boy

Peece keeping DH company while he's sick

The girl helping me stitch :)

The boy helping me stitch :)

The kids!

Ems watching Peece from her "bed"
DH & me, Valentine's Day 2014

Best Stitches & Wishes,

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