Friday, March 22, 2013

Beads, Beautiful Beads

After much advice gathering and hair pulling, I managed to pull off the Berwick stitch. I doubt it's perfect, but it's done, and that's all that matters to me!

Floss colors: Autumn themed
So now I am at the point where I have to choose my beads. Eek. I thought blue & gold would be nice, but now I think maybe it's a bit much. I can never make up my mind about these things! This will be my third bead color switch. So I need your help, please, in two parts.
Firstly, the color choice. Here are the two options I have chosen at the moment.

Blue (03062) & Gold (02011)

I just threw some purple & gold beads on this side. The purple is more of a true, crayon purple color. I chose frosted beads for this one to see 1) if it toned down the color a bit and 2) if that was a good thing.

Frosted Purple (62042) & Frosted Gold (62031)

Stick with blue & gold? Change to purple & gold? Switch to something completely different?

I do like the gold beads, so I will probably keep some version of them in the piece.
Secondly, I'm not sure about the bead size. These are all normal sized seed beads; the blue & gold seem to fit in nicely, but the frosted beads feel too big (at the very top, near the dark red, there is one purple bead and one gold bead actually stitched on). But I suspect that petite beads will be too small. I do have some...somewhere...that I will have to pull out and compare.

Do you think the regular sized beads overwhelm the stitching?

So that's the craic for today. Thank you very much for your help! One day I'll take the Color Theory Course at StitchMAP, and then I'll be able to choose colors all by myself- with confidence!

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. Is there any reason you cannot use all gold beads. They show up the best on both pieces. The colored beads seem to be lost in the piece. Lovely work!

    1. Interesting...I hadn't thought of that. Don't think it would be too much gold?

  2. I like the blue and gold. But, really purple looks good, too. (I know, I'm probably not much help, lol) I don't think the bead sizes overwhelm the stitching.

  3. I personally preferred the top picture - but that's just me. Your stitching looks beautiful :)

  4. I love, love, love the blue and gold piece. It looks fabulous. Judi in Phoenix

  5. I think there is never too much gold in a design... I love sparkles :) I would go for only gold...

  6. Like both, but the blue and gold really pops for me. :)

  7. You show the blue with orange stitching, and since these colours are complementary, they pop nicely. Then you show the purple beads with yellow stitching. Again, these colours are complementary and make each other more vibrant. I think the frosted beads show up more because of the shine. So the question is whether you want the beads to be the focus or the stitching. If it's the latter, I think the frosted beads work against that.Therefore my vote is for the blue and plain gold. (although plain purple and gold would also work well, too.) Just IMHO

  8. I like the blue and gold better and size wise it doesnt overwhelm at all.
    I havent decided on beads for my ATW yet, and have been putting it off for too long now...

  9. When I looked at your thread palette, before looking at the stitching and beads, I would have said purple, but looking at it the blue is an excellent complement to the orange, and the size seems fine. It will fit colour-wise in the next section too, with the blue-red-yellow making a triad. Glad you are enjoying this project. See you on StitchMAP. Kylea

  10. I think both are lovely but the blue and gold seem to pop. If you decide to go with the purple and gold though, you may want to try the regular purple instead of the frosted. At least in my opinion. BTW. I really like you color palette.

  11. I would try the non frosted purple before I made up my mind and yes do keep the gold! I'm going to use gold and purple beads though of course my palette is purple, pinks, teals.

  12. Your thread colours are gorgeous. The flowers in the top are just beautiful.
    Your Berwick stitch looks great too.

    With the bead colours, I do think the gold ones look very good. I like the idea mentioned to use all gold, but if that were me, I might do gold/bronze or gold/copper to blend in with the autumn palette. Either of your current selections look fine too.

  13. I love the blue & gold!


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