Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Stitchers' Day!

This month Friendly Stitchers hosted an exchange to celebrate Stitchers' Day...which isn't a real holiday but what the hey! The celebration is on Lady Day, which is a traditional English quarter day.

I found a stitching related pattern, which I thought was perfect for this exchange.

For Jillann
See the awkwardly uneven bottom edge? That's the Ladder Stitch that refused to cooperate; figures it was on an exchange piece!

I received this beautiful needlebook from Jillann; I love it to death! Acorns!

From Jillann

Happy Stitchers' Day!


  1. Cute designs picked for the exchange. Love what i received too from Chris.
    Happy stitching!!

  2. Happy Stitching Day!! After the fact. :)

  3. lovely designs you have both picked :) and a good excuse for a holiday day yes ??? love mouse xxxxxx

  4. Duh! *smacks myself in the forehead* I could've had a V-8... no wait (I got distracted for a sec). I couldn't figure out why there was an N on the Needlebook, LOL I am so dumb sometimes! Bwhahahaha.

    Both exchange pieces turned out nice.


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