Friday, March 15, 2013

Odoriferous Orchids

Last weekend, DH, my dad, & I went to an orchid show. There was such a variety of shapes, sizes and colors! It was truly amazing what people were able to breed.

Cybidium Huell Howser
This orchid was created for Huell Howser when he visited the orchid show in 2010; he died last year, so there was a small memorial for him near the entrance.

Here are some of the more interesting flowers (though, really, I have over 100 pictures- I loved all the flowers!). Enjoy!

Spotted orchids
Brown orchids: DH's favorite

Interestingly colored orchids

Orchids in a starburst

Oddly shaped orchids (that's the flower)

Little tiny orchids

Big giant orchids

Brand new orchids

Candy corn colored orchids
I have gotten a bit of stitching done on my Around the World SAL. Still stuck on the Berwick stitch, though. A giant thank you to everyone who has given me advice on Berwick stitch success!

Thisclose to being finished!
I started a new project: French Country Wedding Bells by JBW Designs.

For DH & me

I had thought about getting this pattern to celebrate my wedding but put it off due to cost; I stopped in to Needle in a Haystack when my mom & I went to San Francisco to see The Girl with the Pearl Earring exhibit. (My mom bought it for me, so technically, I did not break my stash diet!)
The San Francisco trip was a lot of fun! I took far too many pictures, as usual, so here are some highlights. No GWTPE, though, as pictures of the special exhibit paintings aren't allowed.

Guy walking down the street juggling at 7:30 a.m.

Lunar New Year celebration

Crabapple blossom at the Botanical Garden

SF from the Observation Tower at the De Young Museum

Modern Art: I'll never understand it.

People: I'll never understand them, either!

Buddha at the Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco Mission

This sign was in the kitchen in our hotel room. Is the city of San Francisco encouraging me to waste water??

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. I have never seen a candy cane orchid before, how cool! Congrats on your progress on Around the World- that project has so many interesting-looking stitches in it (I'm too much of a chicken to try it myself *lol*) Your start looks beautiful and good job on stitcking with your stash diet :)

  2. Well done in mastering the Berwick stitch ! You are pronouncing it Berrick aren't you, lol, and not Ber-wick! And you absolutely did not fall off the stash wagon, your mum buying does not count against you!

  3. Love all the pics! My DD would love to have seen all those orchids. Your stitching is gorgeous!

  4. The orchids are so beautiful and I bet the show in SF was fantastic! I really enjoyed the story and movie by the same name. Glad you are having fun while you wait! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing pics of your trip :) I always love being an armchair traveler! 2nd best to actually being there. Pretty flowers. I agree... why encourage wasting water, especially in CA where there I've been told there's shortage. Nice progress on your WIPs.

  6. I love flowers too! All of these are beautiful. Your stitching looks great, love the new start too. It has been YEARS since I have been to San Fransisco. I grew up in Fresno. Jack and I moved to Illinois in December 1990. My parents would take us to Giants games often and my Aunt and Uncle lived in San Jose. San Fransisco, the smell of the ocean, and family and friends are about all I miss. We left because of the cost of living. I know it is even higher now. Looking forward to watching your project grow and seeing your completion of both!


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