Monday, September 23, 2013

On the Home Front

 The best part- it's a four day weekend!

We've been in our apartment for three months, so I guess it's about time to show off some pics of the city! Apologies in advance for any blurriness; one must be discreet when photographing here.

Our neighborhood
Awesome shwarma place down the street

My landmark for getting home: Kingdom Tower

Kingdom Tower at night during Ramadan

Kingdom Tower Mall
You may have actually heard of this mall. The third floor, one above where the picture was taken, is reserved for women only. That's why there are barriers so you can't see the third floor. It's actually quite boring up there: Chanel, a lingerie shop, a coffee shop. Meh. But there's a guy who's job is to unhook the velvet rope for the ladies who want to go up or down the stairs to this floor. That made me laugh.

Possibly not the best name for a mattress shop
Love this store's name!

When you need your turkey shaved

Methinks something might be missing from this saloon...

No comment!
Valet parking at Dairy Queen

Decked out van

Sandstorm blowing in

Awesome way to shade the windows

Faisiliyah Tower

The boy in random household appliances:

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. Loved all your posts glad you are settling in ok.

  2. oooo nice to see some views of where you are and I just love the wee furbaby photos :) love mouse xxxx

  3. I love the picture where the kitten is in the refrigerator. Nice to see parts of your world.

  4. Thanks for sharing pics from your part of the world. The new kitten is adorable and I love the look from the boy where the two of them are in the tub.

  5. Love seeing pictures from far away places! Your kitten is so cute AND very curious! Take care!


  6. I think we're missing out on turkey barbers here! LOL

  7. Love your pics your baby sounds like our baby she was four weeks old when my husbands secretary found her in the woods with no mother around, maybe abandoned, she was so ill the vet did not think she would make it but 100.00 dollars worth of meds and she will be a year old around nov. 1st this year.
    I love the picture of Emdi in the washer, Blondie says hello to a fellow kitty.


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