Friday, May 10, 2013

Whew! & Aaah!

Shall I start with the good news? We've got our visas, we've got the cat's health certificate- which means we're finally moving!

Whew! After nine months of waiting, we're nearly there!

Aaah! We're moving again! Granted, to a country I've lived in before but a city that I've only visited once.

Giant bottle opener or just me?
I've already packed up all the needlework that's going with me. I'm taking some kits, some kitted patterns, some white evenweave, and some of my very favorite specialty flosses, like the Rainbow Gallery bamboo floss (M922 Twilight) that I have to do something with! I'll have quite a few skeins of DMC from the kitted patterns, so I'm not taking any extra. I'm really trying to slim down the load this time (including clothes, books, etc.), so much so that I'm only taking about ten specialty flosses (not a typo!). But fear not! I'm pretty sure I have enough supplies for a few years...and then some!

I've finished both Chillin' Out & French Country Wedding Bells into flatfolds. I have to say that they both turned out much better than the first flatfold I did all those years ago.

I used some random cardboard I had for Chillin' Out, which was too thick, so the pieces didn't fit together as well as they should have. Still, I think it turned out rather well.

That being said, I'm happier with Wedding Bells.

I used mat board for this one, and the thickness is just right. My cutting-in-a-straight-line skills need some work, so the top right slopes down a bit. All in all, pretty awesome! Thanks, Meari, for the tutorial, and a special thanks to my mom for traipsing around town with me to find the perfect backing fabric and ribbon!

Last week, DH & I went to Six Flags, where we discovered that age has caught up with us. We had a good time; our last ride was the carousel, which pretty much says everything you need to know about the trip! We were exhausted!

It was the perfect time to go, though, because it was a Tuesday and school was still in session. The longest we waited in line was maybe three minutes (compared to three hours in the summer).

The next day we took this trip to Garden Grove to go to Needlepoints, Ltd. You like how I worked that in to the trip? I really needed some GAST Harvest Basket for Love You Dad, and why not drive 65 miles out of the way instead of ordering it online?? I bought two skeins, just to make it worthwhile.

I also needed some 4mm silk ribbon that matches DMC 742 for Song of the Weather. I had emailed a few LNSs and inquired about it, but no one had anything in stock that really matched. Lo and behold, what did I find at Needlepoints?

Gloriana Silk Ribbon in Valencia. It's perfect!

DMC Perle #5 in 742 & Gloriana 4mm Silk Ribbon in Valencia

The ribbon is mildly variegated with a shade of yellow, but it works well with the other colors, so I am pleased as punch!

Other exciting highlights of the trip included discovering Threadworx silk floss and getting a card of Rainbow Gallery Alpaca floss.

Rainbow Gallery also makes Angora floss, but it's for 7 count cross stitch. Darn!

A sample of some of the beautiful floss that I bought (encouraged to buy, no less, by DH!):

Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors
I did pick up a few more kits, but in my defense, the coffee one is for DH, the January one is for his mom (possibly stitched by him), and the rest I have no excuse for except that they were on my wishlist! I've actually kept an eye out for the August needleroll each time I've gone to a LNS, but this is the first time I've seen it.

Remember all those Sweetheart Tree hearts that I did earlier this year? It turns out there's a ton of those patterns...available at Needlepoints, Ltd! I picked up the sunflower, acorn, and shamrock ones. I think they were about $6 each with the charms, which is a steal since the last charm I bought cost $11!

On a side note: occasionally someone on my stitching groups will pop up asking where to find DMC Flower Thread. Needlepoints, Ltd. had quite a few colors in stock when we were there. There were even some Needlepaints, which can be difficult to find.

So I may have broken my stash diet, and I may have spent a bit too much money, but I had an awesome time, and DH was even helping me pick out floss. Quality couple time. He had a cold and wasn't feeling too hot but told me to take all the time I wanted and he'd even go sit in the car & read while he waited. 1) BAD husband for telling me to basically buy what I wanted & 2) AWESOME husband for taking an interest in my hobby & not complaining about the two hours I spent in the LNS even though he wasn't feeling well.

I love him.

Cat's new preferred room: the bathroom

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. Your flat folds came out beautiful. You had a great day at the LNS. Be safe on your travels.

  2. The flat folds turned out very well! Your DH is certainly a sweet man :)


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