Friday, April 26, 2013

Cats & SALs

Finally finished Chillin' Out (again)!

Chillin' Out: Round 2
I've almost finished it into a flatfold; I just need to glue on some ribbon.

I've also made Wedding Bells into a flatfold, but I can't find the proper sized silver ribbon. My mom did help me pick out some beautiful fabric, though. It's light blue with silver circles made of dots. Pictures to come once I find the elusive ribbon.

Standing in Michael's one day, staring at the Perle cotton, I got the bug to try more hardanger. Kim on Stitcher's Village posted this beautiful picture of her Song of the Weather: April square, and the perfect opportunity fell into my lap!
I've just finished January, and since February requires cutting, it will probably take a bit longer! I was going to use blues and grays, but DH intervened & convinced me to do red & orange-yellow. I'm really pleased with the result, especially since orange-yellow was always one of my least favorite crayon colors!

Song of the Weather: January

Star stitch

Tulip & Satin stitches
Kloster blocks, Lazy Daisy, Herringbone, and Colonial Knots
Can I just say....Colonial knots- YUCK

I haven't done much on Around the World, just a few Queen stitches, a Ray stitch, and the Kloster block heart. I want to do the cut version of the heart, but I will wait until I am more comfortable with cutting, which appears in Song of the Weather: February.

Finally, a gratuitous cat picture! I couldn't resist.

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. Congrats on all your finishes!!

  2. I love the colours you're using for Song of the Weather. It's so neatly stitched too :)

  3. Your stitching is absolutely lovely!

  4. Great progress on your hardanger I haven't even started yet.

  5. Your hardanger is gorgeous!


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