Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Back! (On the Phone)

I'm still here! Everything is slowly working out. The apartment is all set up, except for internet. I just got phone internet last night, and I'm eating through it like a famished kitten!

I finished Love You Dad by Bent Creek last night. Finally! I started it when we lived in Cambodia, probably in the latter part of 2011. It took me about 3 full days to complete, and I'm glad it's finished. My dad's in the hospital again, so I want to send it off to cheer him up; otherwise I would wait until Christmas or his birthday. I'll post pics once we get home internet.

We're getting new weekends tomorrow: Saudi Arabia is officially changing the weekend to Friday & Saturday, which is the weekend for the rest of the Middle East. The educational sector will change at the start of the new academic year.

I dislike this typing on the phone thing, so I'm going to dig out a WIP and work on that. My new favorite stitching companion?

♡ Audiobooks! ♡

Queen Isabella, here I come!

Best Stitches & Wishes,

Anne Sans Tete

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  1. I love to listen to audiobooks as I crossstitch . I am just finishing the wheel of time series. I have a bundle from STC unlimited calls ,SMS and Internet for 199sr a month.


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