Friday, February 22, 2013

Cleaning Embroidery Fabric

I'll confess: I'm an evenweave snob. Linen's unevenness annoys me, and Aida is difficult to do half and quarter stitches on. That's not to say that I don't stitch on Aida or linen, just that evenweave is my default fabric.

Despite this, I have no idea how to clean embroidery fabric. This became very apparent when I took my Around the World SAL off of my Q-snaps to find that said Q-snaps had left a light green streak on the fabric.

Color me AAAAAAHHHH! Oh, how disappointed I was in my Q-snaps that have served me so faithfully for years! There was a green streak left on Baby Carriage when I finished it, but I covered it up when I made the no-sew cube and didn't think twice about it. That was a mistake.

Blue streak on 3rd Baby Carriage

Blue streak on Merry Christmas Needleroll

My immediate solution was to buy cotton fabric and cut it into pieces that would fit between the clamps on my Q-snaps and the embroidery fabric.

But I was still left with the problem of that green streak. Joy dish soap was recommended, which I tried; the streak faded, but it's still there. Orvus Quilt Soap was also recommended, but none of the stores in town sell it. So I believe that I will take a deep breath, accept the faded streak, and soldier on.

After the Great Freak Out Regarding my Fabric, I did manage to finish Lavender Blossoms by The Sweetheart Tree, albeit without the beading.

Blueberry Heart, also by The Sweetheart Tree, was next in the wall-hanging-to-be. I swapped out the DMC White and Pearl White for Kreinik 001P and DMC 3823. Again, no beading yet.

Blueberry Heart is a simple design and easy to stitch. Lavender Blossoms, though not exactly difficult, was a bit complicated, so Blueberry was a welcome, relaxing change from that.

Baby Carriage was made into a no-sew cube and sent to its new home in D.C.

I finally got up the courage to start working on Lily of the Valley again. I put in about 240 stitches in 2010; now there are 1,002 stitches. Slow and steady finishes the HAED!

Best Stitches & Wishes,


  1. Your stitching is so beautiful - I'm so sorry about the green streak, but honestly I don't see it. Perhaps it's more visible to you because you know it's there?

  2. Orvus can also be bought in a tack store or at a TSC store. It is actually a horse soap! But it works SO well!

  3. Congrats on your finishes. They're great!

    Sorry about the streaking (That's what you get for being a snob, lol - Just kidding!). What about the Tide Stick? It worked on some stains on TMQ.

  4. Love your hearts! I talked to my chemical engineer fiance (he can be handy at times) about the streaking. After giving all details I could he felt it might be moisture. The plastic is inert and should not cause any sort of reaction. The only other thing is to VERY carefully use a bleach pen on that area. The fact that you can't wash it out vexed him, lol.

    I like evenweave, too!

  5. I like all fabrics just as well, except when it comes to quarter and half stitches, then evenweave or linen are just better. Amazed at everything you are turning out! Beautiful!


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